About Us

The Continental Luscombe Association found its start with Loren Bump in 1976. His vision was to bring together “Luscombe Drivers” from all around the country and build a community of people passionate about Luscombe. A place they could learn from and support each other. Loren started the annual Gathering of Luscombe’s as a flyin picnic in 1977 and over the years this Gathering has grown to become a time-honored tradition still held the third weekend of May in Columbia, CA. The early years of the CLA encouraged creating connections and friendships through flyins and the Courant Newsletter. During Oshkosh Air Venture in 2017, a wonderful meeting took place with John Hoffman to combine the 2 Associations and secure the legacy of the Luscombe Association materials. It takes a village and the CLA has become a thriving community of members eager to support each other and the Luscombe that has brought us all together. The mission of the CLA today is still the same, to bring together people who love Luscombes to share stories, ask questions, make friendships, and learn all about this wonderful airplane. The Continental Luscombe Association remains focused on the core values set forth by its founding members. We are an all-volunteer non-profit Association passionate about the history and operation of Luscombe aircraft.